NZ prime minister John Key: We have to spy on you because al-Qaeda has training camps here. Also: FISH!




Does Al Quaeda get the same tax breaks and waiving of the employment laws as LOTR did? Something must have tempted them to relocate. Or maybe they are just fans of the yummy NZ fish, mmm-mmm.


al-Qaeda is not that great of a threat. We can’t trust anything these people say. They are politically finished. They have no future in government or society for that matter. They should be shunned.


Ah, “potential risk”. The catch-all term used to justify any restriction.

Make driving illegal as there’s a potential risk that a driver will hit someone and kill them.
Make going outside illegal as there’s a potential risk of being struck by lightning.
Make going to the park illegal as there’s a potential risk that a rabid squirrel will bite you.
Make going to the library as there’s a potential risk of paper cuts and subsequent infection.
Make going to school illegal as there’s a potential risk of bullying.
Make taking prescriptions illegal as there’s a potential risk of overdose.

Make having babies illegal as they could grow up to become terrorists.


Are you saying that the chance to be known, in hushed and terrified whispers, as ‘The Kiwi Khalif’ isn’t reason enough?


It’s PeterJackson’s fault - all those Hobbit holes are an obvious attraction to those al-Qaeda folks stuck in the caves of Pakistan.


Since he knows the groups and the people involved, he only needs to surveil them, not every citizen of the entire country. Basically, his BS answer convicts him and his argument.


What a damn moron.
The sooner NZers vote that monkey and his party out, the better.


All I know is: That guy must consume a shitload of colloidal silver.


It gets worse - his platform chosen to reveal to the country that we have Al-Q terrorists? The breakfast show of a pop-music radio station. Like, actually.

“In New Zealand there are people who’ve been trained for al-Qaeda camps who operate out of New Zealand, who are in contact with people overseas, who have gone off to Yemen and other countries to train.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s the real world.”

Oh, also, in regards to the comment about "don’t surveil every citizen just surveil the person of interest - technically that’s what this bill is about - currently the law does not allow the GCSB (NZ’s organisation that wire-taps and the like) to monitor residents, but they have been anyway - 80 something of them. So rather than punishing them Key decided it would be better to just change the law so they weren’t breaking it.

But anyway, I shouldn’t be thinking about this - I should be thinking about fishing! Snapper! I’m not interested in what happens to bad people I never do anything wrong so the law doesn’t matter to me herp derp #normalnewzealander


Oh, and then, and then… the PM compares the GCSB to… Norton Antivirus! Ahhh, so this contentious bill is going to give all New Zealanders a free antivirus program. Awesome, bro.


That’s actually a pretty good comparison though probably not in the way he thinks. Norton Antivirus is a piece of shit program that interferes with other programs, slows down the whole system, annoys you when you want to do other things, is hard to remove when you want to get rid of it, and still doesn’t protect you from what it says it does.


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