New Zealanders raise millions to buy beach and donate it to the public


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Now at the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park.

It’s a cathedral of trees.


Good News!

Now how do we build on it? :slight_smile:


all coastline should be national park land. no private development. ports, shipyards etc…on lease.


The attached image of Waiheke Island is half a country away from the quite remote beach in question.

Reality it turns out is far more beautifull than illustration


As a member of the public, I humbly accept.


What a lovely good news story!

Come on world, generate more good feels!!!


Start with a monster resort hotel, then maybe a SeaWorld and a yacht club?


Wow. At least one country in this world is not going to shit. Good on you Kiwis!


Finally some feel-good news indeed.

The report calls it ‘remote’ and mentions an airstrip nearby.

But for the rest of us, there are several water-taxis that go past it daily, walking tracks through the National Park nearby (though probably not connected to it without some wading required just yet) and it’s on a popular sea-kayak route.

(Photo credit to Daniel Bar-Even, who does some good work in that area)


$2.8m for 800m of beach sounds bloody cheap.


Hey, a New Zealand Dollar is worth a whole 2.7 Ningis.


More good news from NZ. Moving there slowly becomes a serious consideration. Hmm.


I love how seriously the Kiwis take their conservation efforts! I can’t tell from the article but was the campaign goal actually a fair price for the beach or did the seller just take all the money, regardless of how high it went? The article didn’t say whether there had been any negotiations beforehand.

Anyway, good on them, I’ve been to that national park and it’s a lovely place (like most of the country).


There are a number of other articles surrounding the story. The short-ish answer is it was a “silent tender”, with discretion on what offer to accept up to the seller.
The price was right, but could easily have been trumped by an investor with deep pockets.

I imagine that the attention that the social campaign whipped up may have caused competing bidders to think twice, and/or the seller to make their own gut choices.
It certainly would have been a bit difficult for whoever managed to out-bid the community consortium …


Michael Spackman (a businessman embroiled in complex financial shenanigans)

I don’t know if “borrowing money to buy property in the hope of making money to repay the loan” was especially complex.


In the US, all beaches are public property up to the high-water mark (which IIRC is the highest point water gets during a storm, although it might just be the highest point that the tides ever reach). Is that not the case in NZ?


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