New Zealand's lost colossus: all-mechanical racetrack oddsmaking computer


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In an alternative reality, Pterry Pratchett is alive and well and writing a Discworld novel involving ■■■■■ von Lipwick and the Julius Totalisator


Notice the slightly bent gear on the left? It’s a backdoor and changes the winning odds, triggered by a specific wager amount.


Electromechanical may be less steampunk, but only slightly so. I was lucky to see one of the last #5-crossbar telephone switches in operation. It filled a large building, and it was loud - thousands of relays clickity clicking.


Should you ever be near Paderborn: Visit the HNF.

They have two generations of telephone switches up and running, it is kind of possible to follow the clicking relais when using the hand sets.


I’m not sure whether it is depressing or heartwarming how many advances in statistics have been driven by hopeless gambling addicts. Either way, it’s quite a few.


Elections / Horse-racing analogies yet again historically supported, to the detriment of horse-racing’s reputation.


“Julius Totaliser” is definitely a perfect Discworld name!

Here’s a short vid on “The Real Glooper” - still on display in NZ.


Wouldn’t Electro-mechanical be part of dieselpunk, rather than steampunk?


Hell if I know. I can’t even tell Acid House from Trance.




I miss Terry Pratchett… cause he’d totally be doing this.

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