Man orders a pizza using a talking computer (1974)


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My friend and I used to try to make prank calls using the SAM voice synthesizer on my Commodore 64. It wasn’t very funny. We thought getting a call from a computer would be interesting or maybe alarming but nobody could understand what we were saying so it was just confusing.


Does Stephen Hawking know about this, or does he just use the website now?


In the video, did they call Mr. Sherman a handicapper? Handicapper means bookie.


In what country? I really dont know that usage.


Well it’s about time.


Most English speaking countries, but it’s a more formal and somewhat old fashioned term.


Guess thats why I didnt know it.


It’s my (somewhat limited) understanding that the term dates to the days before the odds at the track were automatically calculated* at the track on the basis of bets cast. The payoff was based on a human being’s (the handicapper) estimate of the odds.


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