Newark airport halted all flights after 2 drones spotted flying nearby


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Maybe the TSA screeners calling in sick got bored…?


Drones are the new laser pointers.


Seventeen miles away? Would that be outside any FAA proscribed areas?


…apparently not…?


Oh yeah, I guess Teterboro Airport itself would be an exclusion zone.


2 drones


They could have been any drone but, here’s the DJI’s geo-fencing map:

Note the “Restricted” zone around DC vs. the “Authorization” zones around other airports.


Crazy, I fly my drone (DJI Mavic Air) more than 200 feet away and it’s just a speck in the sky and I basically lose line of sight. I wonder how they first saw the drone, did a pilot eyeball it or was can they show up on the towers radar?

Regardless they have apps you can download now that show you flight corridors to stay away from and safe areas to fly in. Plus 3500 feet up in the air is waaaay up there.


Danger Level was hiked up to Orange.




If I remember correctly- the FAA says not within five miles of an airport. Unless you call the tower and obtain clearance.

Good luck with that.


So, was someone inspired by what happened in the UK (either in deliberately flying a drone where it shouldn’t be, or in thinking they saw a drone when it wasn’t there), or (it sounds like) has the increased usage of drones just made these kinds of events inevitable?


Drones with lasers on their frickin’ heads.


Its more about volumes. 3500 feet is very high for a drone but it will put the aircraft in controlled airspace over most of my city.


Looks like somebody did want to file a report.


Plus 3500 feet up in the air is waaaay up there.

Well yeah its too far for the FPV and 2.5GHz controls on most drones.


Within a 5 mile radius of an airport is typically considered restricted airspace.


Extra credit question:

Given that calling in a drone sighting is not a crime (as is calling in a bomb threat), how many calls from a burner phone or phones would it take to shut down airline travel to 9/12/2001 levels?


Could be.



Is there some reddit thread where people who are interested in drones are getting together to shut down airports on purpose… or is this just some weird coincidence.