Explore the world with a live feed from this easy-to-pilot drone

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A $5.3 billion dollar value! Now only $69! That’s over 80% off! What could possibly be better?


I recently bought a drone off of Woot, and it’s fun and interesting to use. One thing I didn’t realize is how many places you aren’t allowed to fly your drone in the US.

I live inside the DC “no drone zone,” so I can’t even legally fly it in my own back yard, but I can drive about 10 miles south, and it’s legal again. But you can’t fly it on any federal land, anywhere in the country. So no sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, or anywhere else in federal park land, like the beaches off of Cape Cod.

You’re also restricted flying it anywhere near an airport, and, technically, you’re supposed to inform the tower of any nearby airport if you intend to fly. You also can’t fly it any higher than 400 feet off of the ground, and the drone must be within line-of-sight at all times.

Lots and lots of rules that you should know before you buy and fly.

You can download an app from the FAA that will let you know if you’re in or near a no-fly zone.


If you want me to buy it, why are you giving me the finger with your black plastic robo-hand?

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