Newly discovered behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Converted from original VHS by doily0 on Reddit if that works for proof.

Say what one will of Reddit, it’s a great place to get input and help from fellow enthusiasts with more technical expertise.

I look forward to the commentary from Hughes’s grandfather.


Was this shot on super-8?


I take it that this video has sound to it?

My minty-fresh reinstall of Windows is still missing some codecs, and I bet that’s the problem.

/pivots to Linux box. Hmm. No sound then.

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(The Special Edition)

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This is so cool! I do wish there was sound, but I love the “home movie” feel to it. Oh look! There’s Uncle Indy! Geez, he was really sweating in those long pants and leather jacket.


The crash takes place just after the twenty minute mark FYI.

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Annnd it’s gone. I guess I shouldn’t have waited to watch this when I got home. :frowning:

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