These two guys re-made Raiders of the Lost Ark, shot-by-shot

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Raiders of the Lost Boing.


is the whole movie online? at one point i know they were very protective of it and careful for copyright reasons but these days so many fan films and stuff are online i see no reason they couldn’t release it on youtube. (i guess a quick google search could answer my question but im weirdly lazy at the moment. ha.)

Can find the whole movie here!

theraiderskids dot com


Some years ago, Alamo Drafthouse showed the remake in its entirety. The whole audience was cheering for those kids in a way audiences never do for mainstream movies.

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I saw your film at the Missouri Theater many years ago. You may or may not remember my son (who was maybe 8 years old then) asking a question during the Q&A: “How were you able to buy a truck and then burn it?” or something like that. Your response, “I see we have a future producer here!” was hilariously memorable. Seeing your Raiders was a big highlight of our lives and we still talk about it now and then.

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I saw a screening in Melbourne, and there was the most beautiful transformation over the course of the movie: the audience started out laughing unkindly at the crudeness of the filming, and ended up cheering enthusiastically as each hard to reproduce scene somehow made it onto the screen. One of those events that makes you think people aren’t too bad after all.

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