Fox to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Hey, Fox executives!


So, who’s getting the chin fuck?


They did this already. It was an episode of Glee. It was mildly amusing, but it demonstrated that a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is like fucking without genitals.

I want to say you can’t remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show without…but then I just start rattling off the names of every single member of the cast.

Here’s an idea: do a road tour of the stage show and give people a chance to experience how awesome that can be. I went to a production where people were doing the whole audience participation thing and the cast loved it. Toward the climax Frank stepped up to the edge of stage, sang, “Don’t dream it…” and someone in the front row yelled “FUCK IT!” and Frank had to stop and regain his composure.

Oh yeah, and the coolest member of the cast was The Narrator. For every insult the audience lobbed at him he gave back twice as good.


Ugggghhh. Are you trying to ruin my Monday already? Sweet transvestite God, I hope this doesn’t happen. I feel bad for being negative about it but honestly, screw Fox.
Personally I’d more interested in a Broadway or off Broadway run than a new movie but that’s just me.


What’s next, Stephen Hawking remaking Monty Python songs?


Oh, you just HAD to go and say it…


What part will Neil Patrick Harris play? I’m guessing Frank, but he’d probably be a pretty good Riff Raff too. (Not as good as O’Brian, but there you go…)

Put me in the ‘why on earth would they do this’ camp too though.

Edit: I should say that I know why they’d do this. Money. It’s always money. I don’t think it’s a good idea artistically, but it’ll probably make bank.


I’m not sure which horrifies me more, Fox or Glee. shudders


The made-for-TV version …

Now there are some horrifying words. Just add me to the “no” camp on this, no pun intended.


actually, i can see him playing Frank. he has the musical chops, and the legs for it.


If he’s up to it, Tim Curry for Narrator. Otherwise, Barry Bostwick.

Road company’s a smashing idea. It did a lot for the Marx Brothers movies.

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I’ll never get the hatred of movie remakes. We’re totally fine with people covering songs, some high school performing T. Williams, and sampling/remixing etc… If they want to remake a movie they should go for it. Besides, wasn’t the Maltese Falcon a third reincarnation?

The Wizard of Oz was the 4th or 5th Oz movie.

But, you know:

#F**k Remix Culture


I saw it once on stage and found it really awkward to have all the sex jokes and sexy sexy clothes so up close.It’s really different to see it live.

Best time I ever saw the film was in NYC when I took a friend of mine who is a native of India. The culture there is very demure so it was just completely outside of his realm of experience, but he’d been in the US long enough that he could enjoy it fully. He had no idea what the event was; he really thought we were just going to see some movie. His eyes were bugging out of his head at the line that was forming for the movie and all the getups people were wearing. Watching him as the movie opened and everyone was pattering away with their response lines was also really fun, also when we got to use all the items in our bag o’ goodies (toast, newspapers) which he also had no clue about. The whole thing was well done with more or less professional actors doing all the side by side work, and on top of that, we had the surreal experience of having someone who was going to one of those Meetup things think we were part of her Meetup group and she kind of attached herself to us. We had a total blast.

oh yeah, and Fox…just say NO.


Yes, Tim Curry for Narrator and Nicholas Petricca as Eddy.

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Fox did this in the early to mid nineties as well. Then they just showed the original movie as seen from the vantage point of a cult cinema, so you could see the crowd participating with the film. A bit like combining The Rocky Horror Picture Show and MST3K. Since little to no reference to that event exists on the Internet, I guess you could just do this same stunt again.


Well I for one think this has amazing potential, if only they focus the casting on Fox News. Bill O’Reilly as Dr. Furter?


My idea is to remake flops. That is, promising flops that failed for one reason or another. Remaking successes just seems to water down the original without topping it. That said, I’m sure someone’s done it successfully anyway.


Normally the answer is, “There’s money to be made”, but there can’t really be much money to be made here, surely? I’ve never heard anyone suggest that watching the film without a suitably-engaged crowd is a good experience.