A new trailer is out for 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' reboot starring Laverne Cox

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With Ms. Cox heading up the cast it becomes, for me, much less of a question of “Why?” and much more, “When does it air?”


“Enchanté”: nailed it, hard.

“It’s not easy having a good time”: not so much. Too high. Needs to have the same pitch as the “enchanté.” Maybe I’m just too fixated on Tim Curry’s portrayal.

Looking forward to this, even as a gasp conservative.


What is that logo I saw at the very end? I could have sworn it said “FOX”.

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Yep. Just like The Simpsons.


Look, I love-love-love the casting of Frank-N-Furter, but a RHPS reboot just seems so… pointless. First, the original is charming partly as a time capsule and, second, I don’t see how RHPS works as a television experience. I went to many (10-15ish) showings of RHPS at the UC Theater in Berkeley and that’s the experience, not the movie by itself.


For a 30-second trailer, that was pretty compelling. I went from




in the space of a few lines.


I’m still fairly on the fence on if this could actually turn out good or not. Then again the original is so hilariously bad it loops back around into awesomness.


I have a good friend who is originally from India. His wife went back to her village for a few weeks, so he and I went down to NYC together one evening. I took him to see Rocky Horror at a theater that has had a long running showing and regular cast.

He had NO IDEA what it was. He thought we were seeing a normal movie.

There was a big line to get in, and as it started filling up with people wearing lingerie and silver shorts, he was getting more and more surprised and confused.

They had dancing before the show, so we got up and danced - he was definitely on to this not being a regular movie by this time.

Then the first 10 minutes of the show you cannot even hear it with all the people shouting out lines popular wherever they are from. Then people started throwing bread and holding up newspapers and such. And the cast in the theater was great. It was one of the most fun times of my life to initiate him into the RH tradition.

Will go see this one because RH is owned by the whole world and every production is new.


When I heard that a remake (by FOX??!) was on the way, I was skeptical at best. Why?

The trailer answers that pretty nicely: Laverne Cox, that’s why.


Get off my lawn!


@Xeni: “I am skeptical but hopeful.” Exactly.

Rocky Horror’s flaws were its assets, so any attempt to improve upon it is pointless.


I know. I was pretty pissed when they turned it into a d**n movie!

It was a stage musical, for f**k’s sake!


My first time I also thought I was seeing a normal movie, and unfortunately what I saw was an illegal bootleg videotape–years before it was officially released on video–at a science fiction convention.

But I usually make up for that lackluster introduction by starting the story with, “My life was changed when I was fifteen and a strange man invited me into his hotel room…”


See, that’s it. It’s a stage production, so doing a new version with a new cast is par for the course, like every other play out there. Personally, I’d love to see the movie remade a couple dozen times over, so you could own a whole set of DVDs and argue with other fans over whether Johnathan Wilkes or Anthony Stewart Head made a better Frank.


I recently heard Science Fiction/Double Feature as performed by the original stage actress. I don’t know if the stage musical was a good experience or not, but wow did the movie improve on that song. (Nothing against the singer, but changing it from goofy singing to singing it straight-up was a very good move)

I’m with the “Why is this happening” crowd, but if the plan was to remake it a dozen times with a dozen casts instead of just once with one cast I’d be raving about how ingenious it was.


Holy crap do I want to see Tony Head rockin’ in drag.


I think there are two negative components of all these remakes. First, I assume this is a way to make money without having to come up with interesting concepts. The second issue, and the one that really bugs me, is the narcissism of remaking something in order to displace the original, and have it associated with your name, instead of the people that actually created it and made it a classic. A good example is the “Pink Panther” films. Most of the people in my generation remember the Peter Sellers films, which were classics. But now, if one of the films shows up on a movie channel, there is a 90% chance that it will be one of the depressing and terrible Steve Martin remakes. or even worse, Benigni. I would guess that most younger people today think of “inspector Clouseau” as an unfunny character from a couple of bad films.
Of course RHPS was a stage musical before it was a film. But you cannot ignore the fact that it remains relevant. My daughter drove a long way this weekend to watch it in a theatre, with a bunch of other people. And they have all seen it a bunch of times. A forty year old film, that still sells theatre tickets in probably hundreds of theaters. Personally, the only way that I can imagine someone watching the remake is if they were to buy the wrong DVD by mistake. It does not even matter if it turns out to be well made and acted. If people have a choice, there are almost certainly going want to watch the original.


Quite apart from the “why was this remade at all” question – I don’t like the gender swap here because people who don’t understand trans issues and terminology aren’t even going to read it as a gender swap. They’re going to see it as support for their mistaken concept that “transvestite” is the same thing as “transgender.”

Literally every Facebook comment I’ve seen in support of anti-trans bathroom bills – which is thankfully not that many since each time I see one I immediately remember “don’t read the comments” and I move on – has referred to “transvestites” (often actually using the word).