Newscaster offers a nod to a long-forgotten rapper

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as Dres would remind us, it’s only illegal if you get caught.


Ok, smartie…we see what you did there, Pulliam.


Clearly she has not hung herself with a celibate rope.

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  1. It’s nice that the store owner isn’t really fazed about the cost of the stroller, opting for folks who offered to help offset the cost to donate to children’s hospitals. Still, who the hell thinks a store owner in Toluca Lake is hurting so bad they need to assist her? If you want to help folks, give it to those who actually need it. :man_shrugging:

  2. Who is stupid/brazen enough to walk into a Toluca Lake boutique and steal something without disguises or even considering there might be cameras?

  3. Where does a pregnant person deliver their baby if convicted? In jail? In hospital under protective care?


Man, Tim Pulliam looks too cool for skool; sharpe.


It probably depends on the state, but I think they generally take the pregnant person to the hospital for delivery. Some prisons also have nurseries so the baby can spend some time with mama in jail. I suppose that’s good, but also not so much. Better than how it used to be, I guess.


The optics of this entire story just have me smh. Maybe that’s because it’s February. :woman_shrugging:t4:. I can’t help thinking the reactions and reporting would be very different if the ethnicities of the reporters and perpetrators were flipped.

This also can depend on the pregnant person’s level of privilege:

Some get to report to jail after their children are delivered:


Get Consent, Then Bust A Move

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