Woman steals package from porch, breaks her leg tripping on the lawn


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Watch speeding train crash into FedEx truck, slicing it into two pieces




It’s delicious!


Both of them deserve jail time.


I smell lawsuit for not maintaining their property for trip hazards.


I hope that $35 worth of cat treats and laundry detergent was worth it.


I swear to god, if next month I read they got caught and are suing the home owner for hazards in the yard, I am just going to burn the whole place down.


I think Miss Master Criminal needs to learn to play it cool with the body language if she is to become a successful thief. The way she was hunkered over, waddling up to the house looked like she was up to no good. Of course, also work on not punishing yourself directly after committing a crime.


I think the white box was heavier than expected


I played that piece for my co-workers… We’re laughing are asses off over here.


This just solidifies my belief that you should never trust a person who wears any kind of sports uniform as a fashion choice.


That’s a seriously, completely bad diet, to break a limb after a fall onto soft grass/garden soil.

That’s like, cheet-oh’s and dorit-oh’s for at least one meal a day, plus beer and maybe drugs.


In this case it was the rain and the slippery grass.


I’m surprised the normally progressive happy mutants are gleefully taking joy in the pain of a human being just because she stole. We don’t know her economic situation, and I suspect someone who needs to steal packages from doorsteps may not have been handed many opportunities in life.


Walls won’t solve this.


I hope that’s sarcasm. What about the people who need to kill others? What about the people who need to bully others? Gee, let’s do away with all crime because the only people committing crimes are those who are forced to by life’s lack of opportunities.


The good news is that now we know who did it. It was #3!


(Emphasis mine)
Well at least we know he has his priorities straight.


What a lovely world we live in. Assholes like this just drive around looking for packages to steal.

Yeah, it’s karma that she dislocated her ankle and all…but chew on this. If she even has health insurance, it is probably not good insurance that she pays top dollar for…so she stole the packages from that house, then the rest of us are gonna have to foot the bill (pun intended) on covering her medical treatments.

Jail time…no. I am thinking more the Black Mirror episode White Bear.