Night Stroll, a wonderful music video

By Tao Tajima: “I shot the video near my home and tracked it with 3DCG software. I then added motion graphics and particle reflections by CGs and GI.” [Video Link] READ THE REST

I am truly curious about this aspect of this video: What is it about gently trippy imagery that makes this type of music so much tolerable when they are paired together ? I would rather pour airplane glue into my ear canals than listen to an album of this stuff, but combine it with some mild psychedelic visuals and it’s almost pleasant.

You’ve highlighted what I think is the most beguiling and frustrating aspect of Film Theory, as I understand it.
IMHO, the real beauty of film is the synergy between the visual and audio components.
Check out the first couple of minutes of ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ remake for a fairly clear example of how subtle differences in the relationship can evoke a different experience.
I think it’s the opening scene, set in the APC, as the credits are flashed up.

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