Nimona: a YA graphic novel that raises serious, unanswerable moral quandries with snappy dialog and slapstick

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I first encountered Noelle Stevenson’s work through her groundbreaking, brilliant comic Lumberjanes, but before the 'Janes, Stevenson was tearing up the webcomics world with Nimona, which was collected and published by Harper Teen in 2015.

Yay! I have had several attempts to get a copy through the Harper website, and never managed to get all the way. You can now just pick it up on Amazon, and I just did.

PS: I watched it get posted page by page. The Nimona website had the best fan base evar.


I read my sister’s copy of this book a year ago on her recommendation. It is brilliant. Your summary already points to this, but the deep delight for me was the combination of compelling storytelling, lovely art, humor and subversion of dominant paradigms on every page.

I hope there are many more like this, not only from Stevenson but also from other authors who continue the path she has begun.

Which reminds me, I should go read this again.

Nimona gets all the wins! So rad! Lumberjanes gets props too.

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I got this when it came out (having read the webcomic as well) and I tried this week to get a copy for my BFF’s daughter. Three different comic stores were sold out of it.

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