Nintendo announces Switch Lite, new handheld game console

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Lmfao at calling it the Snatch. Rob, you really got me with that one😂

No Indigo?

Perfect for a kid, sort of meh for everyone else.

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I thought the Switch was already the Switch Lite? My kids play the Switch in the car all the time. Is that not the definition of portable?

It bugs the heck out of them that I keep calling it the Gameboy.




Needs good online games.

Xbox Live is coming. Maybe it will end up the console I always wanted.

I want the opposite. I have no desire to game on the go. I want a cheaper Switch that only plugs into my TV.


We could call that the Swatch.


I read gaming was supposed to keep old people’s minds sharp and the Switch looked good to me. The problem is $60 games. Then I wondered if I could play any of their catalog online for a subscription. NO. Forget it then.rushlimbaugh

There’s a lot of complaining about a Switch that doesn’t switch but this is a great option. My son only uses my his Switch in handheld mode as does all his friends.

This will be perfect for my commute!

I don’t understand. Why would a subscription be less costly than just buying a game outright?

(Two years on and I STILL have not finished Breath of the Wild. It’s a good thing they don’t charge rent on Hyrule.)

You gotta be new to the gaming scene if that is your complaint. It is a valid complaint, but 60 has been the new normal since the early 2000’s (I think?).

The good news is that 60 bucks is the “right now, b&m price”. Even blockbuster games often have sales either at release, pre-release or shortly after.

Used even cheaper. Cheaper still if you buy bundles of used games on ebay/craigslist.

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