Nintendo Switch Lite is available for preorder

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I’m seeing a lot of questions around the internets about the joysticks on these, and whether they’ll be subject to the same drift issues that people have encountered with the Switch. My son got a Switch in January and had to send one of his controllers back to Nintendo for replacement due to the issue.

I agree, Snatch would have been a much more stylish name.

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Speaking of non-misleading branding, when is the Shop changing its name to “Bong Bong Shop” ?

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I have not seen if these will allow me to download and play the same games I’ve already bought on my original Switch and let me sync save data between the two Switches. If not, they must just be marketing these to folks that don’t have a switch now.

I expect they’ll be putting some stronger security protections in. (It was recently announced that it is now possible to get Android running on a hacked Switch.)

It seems like thats the audience they’re playing toward. I’m guessing a hundred dollar price difference will entice some fence sitters (myself included). Nintendo’s digital shops have been kind of notorious for making things difficult, if I remember right. Your concern is totally legit.

You can, but you need to have an internet connection if you’re playing on any Switch that isn’t set as your “home” Switch. Plus there are several Switch games that don’t support cloud saves at all.

BTW did they address this issue ? Do the new Joycons have been modified ? Or do we just all have to wait to see those break too in few months ?

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