Score Memorial Day deals on these key gaming accessories

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There have been a lot of issues with third party docks bricking Switches. Apparently Nintendo didn’t bother following the normal protocols so no-one really knows how much current can be safely supplied. Until there is a update on that I’d be very weary on any third party docks.

This currently seems to be the safest option if you are looking for a Switch dock with a different form factor:

Now this is interesting! It looks a lot like the Genki adapter launched via kickstarter but then with a smaller profile because they dropped the pass-through charging port. Is this the 2.0 version or just a slightly altered version made by the same Chinese factory?

I just don’t get the top picture, what is that plug sticking out of the headphone jack there? The Genki was special for getting the audio from the USB-port and thus bypassing the need for multiple digital to analog and back again transformations, thereby decreasing the possibility for lag. So there should be nothing sticking out from that port right?

With a little squeezing this dongle may just fit in the case I use, allowing me to do away with the necessity of using a cord when playing on my already too short commute. Although looking at the carefully angled shots it may be a lot thicker then the Switch (see also the comment that it can stand up the switch) so I’m not buying it yet…

Neat. Though color me a LITTLE surprised for this capitalist push for a MEMORIAL observance. :confused:

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