NIST confirms that facial recognition is a racist, sexist dumpster-fire

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Of course just like drug sniffing dogs, a high number of false positives for people of color may count as a good thing to some. Once it is common, facial recognition will be cheaper than the care and upkeep of officer “Probable cause on four paws.”


But wait… nobody wants to be recognized anyway, init?

But I don’t want to be confused with a Republi criminal.

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I can’t help but think the LE response to this is, “So all black faces are identified as criminals. Wait, are we talking about officers or facial recognition systems here? Anyways, I don’t see the problem…”

Well, either you need something from a system that relies on this matching, or you don’t want to be matched as it’s being used to detect those in the criminal database… but it incorrectly makes matches with random black faces. Either way, you want it to correctly identify you, even if you’d rather the system wasn’t being used at all.


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