No digital effects were used to animate this indie band's stop-motion music video


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Awesome video, but I’d like the song without it!


Uhm, stop motion is a visual effect!!


But is it a digital visual effect?

I loved both the video and the song. I’ll have to check out more by this band.


Generally “digital effect” refers to effects you couldn’t capture in-camera using traditional film technology.


They also didn’t use any digital affects!


Slightly more sophisticated than what the Spanish rap trio “Hablando en Plata” did nine years ago.


See also the awesome video for Stephen Malkmus (formerly of Pavement) singing “Baby C’mon”:


Said The Whale said that they are planning to give away the 2,250 printed pieces of paper to fans, so they say that, in a way, they will be recycled. [source: YouTube comment by the band 21 hours ago]


That’s a lot of photo printing and devotion. Loved it. Highlights: trip across the vegetables on the kitchen counter and growing stack of photos with ever changing photos at top.


Cool video, and even better song, but all the way through it was reminding me a LOT of another song I couldn’t place until it was over. It was reminding me of I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie.

On watching, they aren’t similar in any specific way I can point out except they sure have the same vibe and “feel” to the sound and lyrics! (And maybe a similar structure.)

Linked below because it is also an awesome song and video.


Ok Go did a cool thing where they slowed down an ultra-high-speed video so that a flipbook “played” at normal speed when everything else was in slow motion:


I mean, I guess that’s cool, but was it really worth wasting this much paper, ink, and effort just to say that no digital effects were used?


Lots of resources get used up to make most music videos. Is this way really any worse than most other ways? Plus, as noted above, the photos will be used again. Win win, pretty much.


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