Statues in Motion


Really creepy! (And also quite beautiful.) Something about it gave me the distinct impression of aliens or monsters shrugging off their human coils to reveal the creature within.


…possibly it’s because I’ve been thinking of this < 10 line horror story recently.

Thank you for describing exactly what I was thinking but couldn’t quite put into words.

Unless I misunderstand these movements were shot in extreme slow motion. I think it would be even creepier to see these manipulated in real time. It probably wouldn’t be as beautiful, but it would be interesting to see someone lifting away the layers.

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As seen here:

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I’m being pedantic, but when the video says “no special effects are used beyond this point”, that’s not true. Special effects include physical things done on set and effects done with the camera. What they mean is “no visual effects are used beyond this point”. Visual effects being things done in post-production.

Thanks for that. It is an amazingly labour intensive process.

What special effects are they using?

Special effects refers to “fake” stuff – even if it’s in the world (and not post-processing), then we’re talking about “fake” explosions, spaceships hanging by nylon thread, make-up to make someone look like they have a scar, etc etc etc.

Here what you see is reality: stacks of paper than have been carved and are now being moved.

Do you mean it’s a “special effect” because you thought they were marble statues? The video isn’t hiding the fact that they are stacks of paper. We see close-ups lots of times. What you see is exactly what it is. There are no special effects.

Revealing how the effect is done doesn’t stop a special effect from being a special effect. But even if you don’t accept that, slow motion is a special effect.

paper is fun

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