No, it's not your imagination, Whole Foods really is charging too much (sometimes)

Ah, I see. So there aren’t any Whole Foods stores in Detroit itself? I think that would be the equivalent.

There’s barely grocery stores of any sort in Detroit. :confused: Besides, that’s too far to drive just to go to a store that I dislike for reasons beside the clientele. I’d rather shop at the locally owned, and Michigan based stores.

Sure, if they provide a good range of food at reasonable prices, there’s no contest!

Isn’t it Detroit that doesn’t have any national chain supermarkets?

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And they do. :wink: Meijer is the kind of store that super Walmarts are based on, only their original focus was groceries.

What are the “national” chains, anyway? The closest I can think of that exist here is Kroger, but no Kroger stores in Detroit proper.

Oh yeah, I know Meijer from Indiana. That’s definitely better than Walmart.

Wikipedia’s list of national and regional chains

Dairy Farm

There are a few regional chains listed as being in Michigan, but it doesn’t indicate where in the state.

Oh look…apparently H is the section for Detroit regionals:

Hiller’s Market (greater Detroit)
Holiday Market (Royal Oak, Michigan)
Hollywood Super Market (northern Detroit suburbs)

Publix was one of the few things I liked about living in Georgia.

Employee owned, decent store. Nicer than Kroger competing with itself like in Seattle.

The Piggly-Wigglys were nasty, though.

I’ve never really considered Walmart or Costco to be grocery stores, but obvs we have them. Aldi is few and far between. Out of the regional chains, the 'h’s are definitely the closest. Also Plum, but they have the same clientele problem as WF. I couldn’t tell you where most of those regional chain stores are, either, without looking up each one.

The list of regional chains is missing my favorite place to grocery shop in the Twin Cities; Cub Foods.

@daneel: Piggly-Wiggly used to be all over Wisconsin. I concur.

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