BBS Beefs

The point that my assumption was irritating meant it communicated my intent quite exactly. But that can have as much to do with where you live, how you get around, or many other things as your finances.

Also… unfresh =/= rotten. Presumably …

Making some assumptions there, eh?

I’ve absolutely found rotten peppers on shelves in all the mentioned locations. Some were just moldy, some turned partly liquid and smelled bad. I’ve never seen one at Whole Foods, which I used to both shop and shoplift at when I lived near one.

The best mix of affordable and non rotten I ever found was a place that sold mostly to restaurants, and only had them at decent prices for maybe one month out of the year. The sold basil the same way, and I’d make pesto to freeze.

Yes, how dare I assume that somebody who stereotypically boasts their coding creds in their profile shop at some stereotypically costlier-than-average source with higher quality produce. And then point out that I did the same when I had the option. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps I should have provided a longer list of branding choices. Erewhon? Harris Teeter? Wegmans? I honestly didn’t know those names until I googled “high end national supermarket chain”…

It’s a mathematical fact that “we can’t all shop at Whole Foods”. There are not enough of those stores, or enough pretty looking peppers to fill them. Somebody is gonna end up at places that sell the ugly ones. And they generally won’t be the people with long successful programming careers who hang out on Boing Boing.