No Man's Sky as a Commodore Amiga slideshow


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Luxury. When we wanted fancy graphics, we had to print out ASCII pictures on the TTY terminal and colour them by hand with crayons.


Man, I still have my Amiga 1000 … and 4000.


Anyone looking for the music, Mick Rippon’s (the musician) site has been down for a while and seems to be the only place to get his songs. However, Wayback Machine actually archived a bunch of them and I saved the ones that I could find.

For your consideration (still uploading, so give it an hour for everything):


Wow. How can I get that little toy spaceship?


Printer? You were lucky to have a printer! All we had was on old biro, and we had to draw each single pixel by hand!


Look at mister fancy pants here with his pixels.

We had ones and zeros, big-endian both ways, and if we wanted pixels we had to imagine them.


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