No new Hip Hop Family Tree?


This may not belong in meta but…

There hasn’t been a new HHFT in weeks and I’m getting desperate for a fix. I’m very fond of the period he’s covering (the Bridge Wars) and want more!

Is Ed just slacking? :confused:

How Dr. Dre discovered Eminem

Truth be told, I never did get my kickstarter rewards for volume 2. E-mail to Groth via kickstarter and tweet to the artist both went unanswered.

I can’t be mad, though. Both Vol 1 and Vol 2 exceed expectations, and I lucked into a couple free comic book day issues. (yes, I also bought vanilla versions via Amazon to gift to people).


yeah, hey, what gives?
@jlw @beschizza


Another week, another lack of HHFT. :cry:

Should I just so looking forward to Tuesdays?


OK, so Jason and Rob are mum, I’m gonna try emailing Ed.

this is so weird.

… and sent.


@ficuswhisperer @funruly @OtherMichael

whelp, here’s our answer:


Well, that’s certainly happy news and I’m glad for @Ed_Piskor.


yeah. I was worried there for a minute.


A useful email auto responder? Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.


Thanks for reaching out to Ed. Boo on him for having the nerve to have a life and do cool shit that doesn’t involve publishing my favorite web comic. :no_mouth:


makes you realize that he hadn’t missed a week in over four years until this break. that’s pretty heavy.


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