"No remorse"— Bullhorn Lady slammed with nearly 5 years behind bars

I have no remorse about her going to prison either.


OTOH the leniency mechanism that is subject to the convict’s continuing cooperation is supposed to be “parole,” not a lighter sentence up front :thinking:


You mean this one? :fu:


I get what some have said re: remorse for robbing a 7-11 out of desperation and the court showing leniency, but this is clearly not that.

Bullhorn Lady willfully and deliberately attacked the US Capitol. She furthered her crime by encouraging others to follow her into the building. She was not a bystander or tourist; she did this of her own volition.

And I have no remorse over her sentence, though I do hope she sincerely contemplates what she did and comes out a better person.

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No one is saying it is. An earlier poster said that remorse should have no bearing on the sentencing of anyone who commits a crime. Some of us disagreed.

As you say, Bullhorn Lady was clear that she has no remorse for her crime, so she was sentenced accordingly. I’m fine with that.


She among the very worst of the insurrectionists.
In a fair world, Trump would be in jail next to her.


I’ve been quite distressed of late of many narcissists’ ability to completely fool others into thinking they were remorseful about what they have done, or that they had not realized the full extent of what they had done. They make those who were supposed to hold them accountable feel like monsters for handing them their consequences.

Then they learn to hide their misdeeds better in the future when they gain back their freedom or worse, their previous platform.

The same sense of distress over this carries over to my desperation in wanting to see that democracy in the US survives all these Karens.


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