U.S. gives lamest non-apology ever to wrongly imprisoned former war-on-terror detainee


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It would be the just and honorable thing to do, both for the intelligence community and for the country.

Huh? The what and whatable thing to do?


1} for some values of “liberty”
2) for some values of “justice”
3) for WASP males who make at least 40K / year.


Well golly, that’s over $3.50 an hour! What’s he got to complain about?


Even the size of the check was lame. Hope it clears.


They didn’t apologize to anyone who was offended? Who authorized going off message?!

@billstewart: look for “Al-Qaeda financier in check fraud conspiracy!” in the headlines in the coming months.

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I think you are supposed to calculate it as a 40 hour work week with free board and lodging.

I think you mean “free **water-**board and flogging.” Also, does it count as a 40-hour work week if you’ve been deprived of sleep for 180 hours straight?

At least the stay came with a free continental breakfast force-feeding.


That post needs the most depressing rimshot in history.

Maybe a sad tuba?


The detention looks to have actually been only 16 days, so that’s actually about $1,000/hr. - which seems more reasonable for this kind of settlement.

The real issue is more that “he suffered enormously from his treatment by the government. He lost his
scholarship to Saudi Arabia and his marriage fell apart.”
This is the type of collateral damage that occurs when you’re labeled a terrorist by the government, incorrectly or not. Your life is ruined, and if they ever even reluctantly give you an apology/settlement, it’s a pittance compared to the collateral damage to your life that you’ll have to endure.


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