No sex toys, please, we're Delhian


Has always struck me as odd that the people who brought us the kama sutra have turned so puritanical. But I guess maybe the plethora of positions is how they got to a billion people.


Do … do those two in the bottom left say “Angry Penis”??

There are some people who will probably take pride in knowing that Alabama led the way.

The one beside those says “worm”…is this some bad translation going on here?

Could be demographic shifts, with ‘the people who brought us the kama sutra’ representing a decreased ‘bloc worth pandering to’. Might also be the double-whammy of a little British colonizing: While The Empire on Which the Sun Never Sets had a certain amount of operational homoerotic sadomasochism going on, they took their prudery fairly seriously. Now that they are gone, anybody looking to play the nativist card has a good reason to latch on to ‘western’ sexual explicitness.

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Yeah, this is a much more pressing concern than putting a stop to the rape culture.


Sounds like a job for Texas Annie.

All cultures go through shifts in how sexually conservative they are. It will swing back at some point.

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I wonder what that cop is thinking? This photo needs a thought bubble. Bonus points if you can work the US government shutdown in.

Meanwhile, sales of electric toothbrushes are booming.


They certainly do. The Happy Penis is all sold out.

Sexually repressive mores are never about concern for women or anyone else. They’re about controlling people’s bodies and through their bodies their identities and reproduction. Rape culture feeds on the repression of reproductive rights because both are assaults on body sovereignty. Obscenity laws and rape culture go hand in hand.


What kind of Delhi would forbid people from buying a salami?

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Aren’t they still illegal in Texas? They were a few years ago, anyway.

For the love of god, its ‘Delhiite’ not ‘Delhian’.
At least get your demonyms rights.

what’s wrong with the toys?

Great. So when does the US get to stop being so damned repressed?

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