Nobody knows whether baby panda is a boy or a girl


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May the demeaning vitriolic debate commence forthwith!

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I was surprised at just how tiny the cubs are. 4oz cubs from a mother that weighs on the order of 230lbs.

Pandas in general seem to have lots and lots of issues.

I don’t know if this is accurate, but I have the impression that they only recently (in geologic terms) switched to an all bamboo diet, and the ancestors to modern Pandas were Omnivore (or Carnivore?) that was closer in size to a Raccoon than a Bear. Because of this, they’re not terribly well adapted to being a Vegetarian and have many issues. I would imagine a lot of problems with their teeth especially. I have to wonder how long the mother needs to nurse that tiny tiny 4oz infant until they’re big enough to process Bamboo directly, it seems like it could be quite a long time.

Isn’t it a little early to be imposing gender roles on it?

Pandas remind me of the Damogran Frond Crested Eagle, they seem determined to become extinct.

Pages one and two [of Zaphod’s presidential speech] had been salvaged
by a Damogran Frond Crested Eagle and had already become incorporated
into an extraordinary new form of nest which the eagle had invented.

It was constructed largely of papier mache and it was virtually
impossible for a newly hatched baby eagle to break out of it. The
Damogran Frond Crested Eagle had heard of the notion of survival of
the species but wanted no truck with it.


I don’t get it. Can’t they just check what color blanket the stork used?


Pandas: not as black-and-white as you’d think.


You should be severely punished.

Including the pandas.

Yet another reason why pandas are so hilariously ineffective at reproduction.

Dirty, confused pandas.

As for gender; shouldn’t the young panda get to decide for him or her self?


@Brainspore’s punishment is to read 50 Shades of Grey, substituting pandas for all of the people in it.


Gender and sex are different things. I was pretty specific that we’re talking about sex here.

Then why didn’t you use language for identifying sex, like “female” and “male,” instead of gendered language, “boy” and “girl” ?

I am certain it is neither a girl nor a boy. It is extremely likely either a sow or a boar.

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