Baby Red Panda cubs are astonishingly adorable

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Those little guys would be great with a little garlic and rosemary!

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They look like great, fat, fuzzy tardigrades.



What’s astonishing about that? Fully-grown red pandas are basically walking kawaii-Japanese cartoon mascots.


I had to fix the headline, which originally was “Red baby panda cubs astonishingly adorable.” This is incorrect. They aren’t panda babies that happen to also be red. They’re baby red pandas, which aren’t even in the Ursidae family. They’re Procyonids in the Ailuridae family (as @Aloisius graciously corrected me on). So I fixed the grammar to indicate these are Red Pandas. Not Panda Bears that some asshole spray-painted red.


Remember, kids, every time you download a Firefox beta or nightly build, one of those little guys gets turned into packets and squeezed through the series of tubes.

Well… Tardigrades are called water bears because they look like and move somewhat similarly to bears (albeit with more legs than bears), and I guess red pandas look kinda bear-like to somebody (although morphology is much closer to raccoons and tanukis, since those are their closest relatives)

So… Hurray for lack of creativity in naming stuff?

(heck even the word deer means “large animal”)

Actually they’re in the Ailuridae family now. They got pulled out of Procyonidae.

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Oops, well I guess I’ll have to update my phylogeny!

Although that’s always a losing battle. Everything’s getting shifted around all the time.

Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself - that’s not in the slightest bit funny. These are a charming and dignified animal that deserve our respect and should never be the subject of cheap and childish humour.

Rosemary and garlic? A gamey, kuwaii meat like that needs fenugreek, cumin seeds and powdered sugar. And an insulin chaser.


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