Non. Je Refuse

And let’s actually start with “I”. What, precisely, is “I”? Or should that be, am “I”. Because, yes, fluidity.

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I will never - NEVER - NEVER - NEVER sleep as well in a chateau as in a château.

The bed would not be as comfortable. The wine would be corked. The dawn would bring rain. No. Just no.

A chateau is common as goose shit in a fucking … goosery. Whatever. Who cares.

Châteaux have aristocrats who lost their money racing cars; wanton harlots marrying wrong chaps; nieces and nephews scrapping over the silverware - they have stories and history! You don’t rent out a Château - you convince suckers they’re participating in a huge bit of theatre!

That is just the way it is.


So, the um… You… Wait, no never mind.

Unsuhprised (wot?)?

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