French couple forbidden from naming their child Nutella




Can’t they call their child Gnutella instead?


Good call on the judge’s part. Choosy moms choose Jif.


My Little sister Debbie has had such a rough life…


I need protection from disparaging thoughts. Who do I talk to?


This is what Big Government leads to! Soon that poor child will be goose-stepping around with all his little Nazi friends in communist France!


I met a girl named Nutella once!


Bet she wasn’t French.


Heh, right.

Freedom to name one’s kid whatever one likes is a nice and valuable freedom, but these days, this kind of “news” leads all too directly in the U.S. to shrieks of “This is exactly where Obummer is trying to take us. A nanny state! A NANNY STATE I TELL YOU!!”


Not that I am aware of. I think I detected a faint trace of “eastern bloc” in her accent.


What’s that old saying, “It takes a village to [make sure some morons don’t name their child Nutella]”?

It pales in comparison to the things I would have named my children if they didn’t have another parent to veto me, though.


There’s so much terrible shit parents can do to their kids, much of it legal and even more just under the radar. I have no idea how a silly given name made the cut for problems worth worrying about


Do tella!


If corporations can be people, why can’t people be named after corporations?

Man, this is just opening the door for corporations to claim ownership of peoples’ names. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yu tellum!


Humane squatting?


Je suis Nutella!


Natalia? Near enough and they can still get away with calling her Nutella.

Kind of a reverse Hyacinth Bucket:


We’re calling her Spudulike. It’s exotic.


So in France you can’t name someone something trademarked? I feel bad for anyone named McDonald.