Most popular baby names by state, 1910-2015


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Any bets on how high in the ranks Donald gets and in what states?..then a post study of how many kids sue their parents for cruelty?


Hmph. Well I never.

Actually, no joke: I just turned 47, and I’m literally the youngest Donald I’ve ever personally met.


“Donald” will be mandated.


Lisa was the most popular girl’s name in all states in 1966. Jennifer was the most popular girl’s name from 1973 through 1978 inclusive. :astonished:


1975 everybody. And here was me thinking everybody naming their kid “Olivia” was bad.



Why is it always ‘John Doe’ and not ‘Michael Doe’? :thinking:


Liam! Time for suppah!


The thing I find odd is that there is no year in which a French name is the most common in Louisiana. Mary, but never Marie, that sort of thing.


wow, 1971: when “Michael” almost ruled the entire land.


Probably need for the data to go back further, when it was ruled by France :wink:


Jose took over in Texas. We named our kids normal but not very popular names. And spelled them correctly. For the love of god, people, if you are going to go with Jacob don’t spell it Jaccob or Gacub or anything other than Jacob.


It’s spelled Jacob but it’s pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove.

I went to school with a Danial. His dad made a typo…


I went to school with a Denial.


We were joking about this the other day, after looking more closely at how a character name was spelled, using a Y instead of the normal I.

We figured that now a days the kids that are picked on are the kids with “normal” name spellings and/or common traditional names.

“Oh, ok, John… the guy whose parents have no creativity. Hey hey, were you named after that unclaimed body in the morgue?”

“You tell him, Zacharye!”


They aren’t all francophones. New Orleans seems to be a mix of everyone and everything.


1970 is when Jennifer really started taking over though.


By 1973 and lasting through 1978, it was the most popular girls’ name in every state.

But yeah, it started its reign of terror in 1969 in Utah and finished in 1985 in Illinois and Massachusetts.


My brother’s name is Benjamen on his birth certificate, but we always thought it was Benjamin until he took a closer look when he was almost 50. My mom misspelled his name and never mentioned it to anyone.


Here’s my take:

Boys’ names:

  • Noah, Liam, and Mason will continue to dominate for the next few years, and Benjamin and James will join them at the top for dominance.
  • People are finally getting sick of Jacob.
  • Michael will be knocked down a few ranks, but has always been a dominant name and always will be.

Girls’ names:

  • People are finally getting sick of Emily
  • Look for Charlotte and Harper to become the next big trendy names.