Anakin is one of the "top baby names" in the U.S


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I dunno, Murgatroyd seems like a weirder choice than Anakin.


On Earth?


A friend of mine changed her name to Anakin in the late 90s. She says she was unaware of the existence of Star Wars when she did so.


The name ‘Anakin’ is associated with the most infamous fictional villain in the universe. Unfortunately, it’s also associated with the latter-day Star Wars films.



What a coincidence - I named my son Vader.


Well, “Luke” is a perfectly normal name afaik.
I wouldn’t name my dog “Anakin”, though…

(Actually, I wouldn’t own a dog in the first place, but meh.)


As well as >10000 Lukes, Leia’s in there, and there’s plenty who could be abbreviated to Lando and Han.

No Artoos or Threepios, though. Or Jar-Jar.


Well of course, Luke is one of the Four Evangelists, except on Tattooine, where they name means “whiner.”


Lando Calrissian Slybevel. Has a nice ring to it.

I’m not expecting any more progeny though.


I know an Anakin! When his dad told me his son’s name I just nodded and said, ok. I was too stunned to follow-up with a WTF?!


Anakin is such a abrasive name that keeps appearing everywhere, not unlike sand.


Somebody’s gotta be kidding. Show me a kid named Murgatroyd who was born in the past 100 years.

I’d sooner see a Beauregard at the daycare.


Rob would be the kidder here, I think. Murgatroyd isn’t anywhere on the baby name list.


Still, this list is suspect.

Still, I was rather tickled to see my son’s first name and middle name right next to each other.

Down in the respectable 300s, not so common as to be widely shared, not so unique as to be weird.


But Ronald above Donald??


Oh, Lord.





Incidentally, Neveah seems to be much more popular than Heaven.