These are the top ten baby names in the US


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Liam and Noah? I googled Oasis and then I looked back at this post. Now I’m angry.



Hey, Charlotte was my grandma’s name, and my kids middle name.


Don’t look back in angry.


I bet next year we will see a surge in Wakandas.

And by the way, I love how it sounds.


Some seriously retro names there. Some day Gilgamesh will make it onto the list.


Emma needs to come off that list. Why has it been there so long? Seriously, does no one ever think “maybe I don’t want my baby to be in class with five other kids who have the same name”?


Pretty much all of my 30-something friends now having babies are using their grandmothers’ or great-grandmothers’ names — old fashioned is in. Olivia, Hazel, Isabel(la), Rosemary…


And the trend goes back at least to the early 2000’s, with Friends; the Rachel/Ross baby was totally named “Emma.”

Personally, I tend to dislike “old-timey” baby names just as much as I do overly ‘creative’ ones.


You mean like “Nebuchadnezzarr”?


That’s freakin’ archaic.


Fun: Look up your own name on Baby Name Wizard’s Name Voyager, which also uses the Social Security dataset.


My never-born kid got lucky, 'cuz I’m still leaning towards Zoltan.


And yet “Bertha”, “Ethyl” and “Elmer” have been passed over… I wonder why?


Weep for me: my never-born kid was going to be named Siri!


Siri, what’s this ____ in/on your ____?
Siri, where is my ____?
Siri, earmuffs. (can you do that with Siri?)


“Siri, did you flush? Did you wash your hands?”


With a slight name variation you could totally traumatize your child with this…



LOL. I dunno, I kinda like some older names. My kids first and middle names were her great grandmas’ names. I guess I am kinda a traditionalist in that respect. I guess I DID have some reservations about an older first name but then:

  1. People are naming their kids Apple, and Moet, and weird spellings of “normal” names. Unless your name easily rhymes with ass or something like that, they won’t get picked on more than the others.

  2. Old names go up and down in popularity. In 40 years half the surviving great grandmas will be named Jennifer.

  3. My heating/cooling guy came over with his kid to check something out for me, and her name has the same name, and so then I was like, “Yeah, I could see a little girl running around name that…”