Find out when your first name was popular with the Baby Name Explorer app


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Sounds amusing. An similar application for France would be interesting, many first names are very cyclic in France.


When I was born in 1960, my dad insisted that my name be Steve. Not Steven, not Stephen, just Steve. That always struck me as odd, and he never explained it. But now this app shows a weird spike in the diminutive forms of boys’ names around 1960: Steve, Rick, Mike, Nick, Bob, Matt (although that one lasts through the mid-70s)… What the hell happened in 1960?


I did check a few odd names. Aragorn isn’t in there, but Arwen is with a small peak (our literate friends) in the mid-70s and into the 80s and tall, narrow peak in the early 2000s


I was harvested at peak Cary.

Given the percentages, that spike at the top could be me :slight_smile:

Edit: Shower Thought… I need to transmit this back to gradeschool Cary – graphical proof that “Cary” isn’t a girl’s name. (for most values of “Cary”)


Looks like Marion died out with The Duke.


The name “Truth” has never been more popular.


My name started gaining in popularity almost a decade after I was born. I guess my parents were just ahead of their time.


If you look really closely at that graph it almost looks like a heavy metal fist – or a really pissed off cat.


My name peaked when I was born, but not for my sex. So my mom was a little bit of a contrarian or something.


Why not both?


I guess @Donald_Petersen is right about his name…

Maybe that article about violent names was right…


So apparently I am not the only one out there with [Tobin for a first name…][1]

edit add the not (yay brain working faster than my fingers)


And wow the kid’s name is way old school…


Chuck sure had a brief spurt… Mr Yeager, perhaps?


Adolph took a big hit in the 40s; hasn’t yet recovered.


Seriously, I’ve been informally polling since I was a youngster. I’ve yet to meet a Donald younger than I am. And now they don’t make 'em at all.


You mean, asking people what their name is?


Bert looks like a stock broker’s nightmare.


Nah. Just looking for Donalds who aren’t bald, gray, toupeed, or dead.