Nordstrom Rack falsely accuses 3 young black men of stealing and calls the cops on them


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Thanks Trump.


Off-the-Rack Racism.

Having white employees and managers is becoming a liability. Maybe they should hire and promote more PoC employees.


You’re really pointing something out, there. One of the most basic concepts of salesmanship is trying to trick your customer into thinking you have something in common. Salespeople (in the big money) will research their clients and dress like them and pretend to like the same hobbies.

Record store clerks had a ‘certain air’ about their clothing and hygiene that made them easy to peg as ‘Record Store Clerks’. Would you trust a record store clerk that looked like a senator?

Edit: I swear I wasn’t thinking about the smell of…[coughs]…‘incense’ when I said, “…a certain air…”, but yeah, that now seems obvious!


In fairness, I wouldn’t trust anyone that looked like a senator. :confused:



Thank God I had swallowed my iced tea when I read that…


When I worked in a leather store I had a certain ‘air’ about me that made it clear I worked in a leather store. It was just a general smell of leather rawgoods more than anything else.


Did dogs follow you home?


I do remember a surge in popularity among my canine friends…


I’m gettin’ real tired of this shit.

Hopefully, these guys don’t deign to sue the shit out of the company, unlike the gentlemen accosted by Starbucks.


Love that actually in there. If even the cops are aware of how bullshit these calls often are, how terrible is this store?


I’m hoping the cops compete to jump on the Nordstrom Rack calls because they know it’s going to be big waste of time. “Gas station robbery? Let car #47 take that one…”


I think the acronym at this point should be EWB


just shaking my head that Nordstrom named their own brand a synonym for “to shoplift.”

I first heard it in the 90s but it goes back to at least the 80s


Man does NO BODY tell employees how to handle theft cases?

In freaking WALMART - king of the trashy retail - you couldn’t do shit about shop lifters for the most part. Unless you were part of the loss prevention or management, you had zero authority to call out anyone. Even if you witnessed it, 100%, they wouldn’t do something unless you had never taken your eyes off them. In short, what ever they were stealing was probably not worth a wrongful accusation.

Though I did see a few get caught. Some teen girls said something about taking a bunch of pop stacked out side as they walked out, and an employee overheard them. So LP or a manager just hung around in the back ground and watched them do it. Another time a friend caught a kid trying to walk out with some electronic device. But in that case I know he go told not to do that again.

But in this case not only did you sloppily follow them around, but they had receipts, so you know they bought the items, so why were the cops called?


Brentwood MO you say… Not surprised at all.


I’m guessing Nordstrom’s decision-making committees aren’t very hip. At all. I have a mental image of the Dutch Master’s painting all dressed in old man clothes.



Everything While Black?

It sure as hell seems that way, some days.


I suspect the cops didn’t mean that shop in particular, but just how it is to shop while black. That ‘actually’ probably referred to all the stories where cops harass black people, so it’s nice to see a story where cops do the right thing. Usually you never hear about those, only the bad cops makes news.


I was thinking Existing while black…but that works too!!!

Kind of sickening at this point, and I am torn. The optimist in me says “Finally, people will see this shit is real and real change will come!” the pessimist in me says “It’s being reported and covered so often the assholes are just going to say people are being snowflakes.”

I’m still on the fence.