North Korea makes the best counterfeit $100 bills


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that Emmanuel Goldstein, is there nothing he won’t do?


What provokes the NK’s to do this? I ask you…


Or longer


From way back in 2006…

(And, shit, @anotherone found an even older article about this)

Apparently NK has the same intaglio presses that the US Treasury uses.

ETA: NK’s supernote production goes back to at least the 1980s.


I have to disagree. The federal reserve makes the best counterfeit $100 bills.


BTW, Sam B’s recent bit on the DPRK was surprisingly balanced:


North Korea doesn’t really need all those aid shipments. Surprise?


The fact that the rulers are flush will ill-gotten cash means nothing if they don’t spend any of it making sure their citizens have enough to eat. Which they don’t.


That’s my point: It’s cruel, but reasonable to cut them the fuck off, so that “Dear Leader” doesn’t look like such a god anymore and maybe the populace will start revolving their society to a better state.


I was thinking I saw this story years and years ago.


would be interesting to learn if counterfeit bills were being used to purchase large amounts of bitcoin.


I’m not surprised that they’d be doing this, there aren’t really very many ways they can get any legitimate foreign exchange going.


Isn’t all money fake?


Good to know.


North Korea is accused of hacking Bitcoin servers as well. Why pay when you can just take? Paying is such a capitalist idea.


That’s basically the same thinking that’s behind Giulio Douhet’s theories about aerial warfare; postulated in the 1920ies, tested in the late 1930ies / early 1940ies at a large scale. TL;DR: doesn’t work that well.


It didn’t work very well when they tried again on North Korea a decade later, either.


So what you’re saying is that the international community should start sending aid to the US?
Wait, maybe that’s what the norks are doing!


To print supernote-level forgeries, you need a minting corporation-level production line in place, which costs hundreds of billions of won

Payment due 30 days after delivery, right? Dollars OK?