North Korea faxes south to notify it that attack will occur "without notice"


P.S. This totally isn’t a notice.


North Korea: Didn’t you get our fax?
South Korea: No, sorry. Try sending it again.
North Korea: Okay, sending it now.

North Korea: Dammit! The paper jammed

North Korea: Okay, that got it. It should be coming through on your end now.
South Korea: Nope, sorry, nothing yet oh … oh, wait, I think this is, yes … nope. No, that wasn’t it.
North Korea: What?! What’s happened?!
South Korea: Its just one of those damned fax spams asking if I want to get my drapes cleaned. Hmmmm … $159.99 to do the whole house. …
North Korea: DAMMIT! Did you get the fax or not?!!
South Korea: Oh? Wha? Oh, yeah, your fax. Nope, still nothing …


FOX reported this ?

Even a blind pig…


Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if North Korea is actually a real country or just some very, very elaborate prank set up to puzzle and irritate everyone else in the world. Like some sort of perverted Disneyland. Because it’s totally working. If I had 1€ for every time I read a news item on North Korea and went WTF?!? over the last 20 years or so I could retire already.


North Korea sends notice telling South Korea it will attack without notice.


Well try it again, and this time put glitter on it.

brb, making North Korea fax generator


Headlines about North Korea read like something out of a surreal novel.

Maybe this is proof that we are not only living in a simulated, holographic universe, but that our reality is based on wacky, crowdsourced fiction.


As long as it isn’t crowdsourced fan fiction. shudder

Reminds me of that old Peter Sellers movie “The Mice that Roared” but probably not as funny.

The sad thing is they are both a real country and China’s way at pranking the rest of the world without having to directly get involved.


South Korea should make a loop of paper and feed it continuously into their fax, with lots of black. That will shut NK up for a while.

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To my completely surprise
I now understand “Old Boy.”

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Yes, I always forget about China… without them, North Korea would just fade out (so to speak) and yet somehow they manage to give a clever impression of ‘no, we have nothing to do with these people’.
I wonder why China keeps protecting North Korea. They used to do it for ideological reasons (korean war, cold war, etc.) but today? Tradition?
The only thing I’ve come up so far is: as long as North Korea is there, South Korea spends a lot of resources on its armed forces. That means fewer resources that go into education and subsidies for the industrial base. That makes it harder for South Korea to compete with China on the international markets. Like I said, the only ‘explanation’ I can think of so far, no idea if any of it applies.


There’s that and the fact North Korea acts as a buffer to keep ‘us’ off of their borders. It’s in china’s best interest ot keep north korea as is.

Brilliant move so long as you ignore the millions that live there that might or might not be starved to the point of potential cannibalism if there’s a particularly bad year.

And this is a country that we owe so much money to they could in theory buy us outright if they thought it’d be in their best interests.

That is a very large lever (as in leverage).
Like in ‘Hello USA, this is the current ledger. Take a look at it. And now, let’s talk about Taiwan.’

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*Chinese Taipei.

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That would explain how stupidly bad things are though.

The fax machine is the latest in high-tech communication…for NK.