North Korea most upset with Chinese viral video mocking Kim Jong-Un


Yo, Matt & Trey - time for a Team America sequel.


That’s fantastic. Wonder what those lyrics are about.


If Kim Jong-Un doesn’t like to be mocked, I can think of 25 million things he can do to put a stop to that.

Instead of pretending to be a hero, he could truly become a hero to his people.

Or, you know, he could get drunk a lot.


Really, I have no idea what North Korea not “most upset” would sound like. Their rhetoric is always so over-the-top and vitrolic that there’s no way to tell whether they’re “most upset” or “meh, I didn’t think it was particularly funny.”


The sign of a great man is not caring what others think of you.


If I recall, an American film that doesn’t show proper respect drew threats of war.

I wonder what KJU is threatening China with? Unlike the USA, parts of China are actually within range of NK missiles.

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That’s also the sign of a total dickhead, so maybe you need some more criteria there.


Carlton @ 0:59


We can defuse the situation by sending a shipment of Geritol for Kim’s cabinet members there.

The one on the far right, he could use a fresh injection of embalming fluid.

Years ago, I watched an episode of one of those hokey old TV soap operas. Rocky Jones, or Space Patrol, or something. In it, some space dictator kidnapped the kid sidekick, who had a tape recorder with him. He uses the gadget (which he’d used to record chatter in Space Patrol HQ) to fake reports of an attack by Space Patrol; the dictator has a freak out, and when the deceit is revealed his ministers laugh at him . . . on air, as I recall.

The good guys leave, condident that they don’t have to do anything further. Paraphrasing: “Once they start laughing at a dictator, he’s living on borrowed time.”

If that video went viral among North Koreans . . . yeah, the DPRK has reason to fear.


Those Chopstick Brothers are great. I can see why that little narcissistic twit Kimmy had such a fit, they pretty much nailed him for what he is, a bad joke at the expense of the innocent.


Probably not much. China would not enjoy the basket currently holding the basket case tipping over and spilling on them; but they are about the closest thing to buddies that North Korea has.

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Fool! You will pay for your insolence! Guards! Seize him!


I’ll make sure to inform G+ not to spread this video around

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I will not have my fwiends widiculed by the common soldiewy. Anybody else feel like a little… giggle… when I mention my fwiend… Biggus…Dickus?


well this would piss them off too… maybe


Ha! Keep Kim pissed and stressed. He’ll die sooner. No one could be worse.

“Ruts going on, China? I taut we were friends? Why don’t you rike my dancing? We part of Commie Crub. You don’t make fun of other people in Commie Crub!”

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…seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority.

if a single web clip is capable of doing that to your regime, you never had either to begin with.


North Korea threatening China would be like Mexico threatening the US. If the Mexican army mobilized and launched an all out assault on the US, their largest trading partner by far, could they do damage? Sure. There are plenty of US towns in artillery range and they could kill a few thousand people. Maybe Mexico could lob a few missiles or whatnot at a real city or two and do a little damage. Then they would be, you know, crushed by a much nastier army. It isn’t a credible threat.

Hell, China doesn’t even need to take a swing to hurt North Korea. They could just close the border and kill North Korea dead. The only leverage North Korea has over China is that North Korea can serve as a useful proxy to annoy the West, and “reigning in North Korea” is a bargaining chip China can use in international talks. Other than that, the only thing North Korea does for China is keep Korea from uniting into a serious powerhouse. A unified Korean peninsula in the American sphere of influence would be formidable. If Korea, Japan, and the Philippines could spend like 20 minutes not hating each other, they would be a bloc big enough to stand up to China even without US help.