North Korea 'bombs' U.S. in birthday video for founder Kim Il Sung

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In another universe this is really an ad for Supercuts.


And now, dear Americans, you know how the rest of the world feels all the time.



A reckless North Korea remains China’s useful ally

Not sure I agree, An ally would be sitting happy under China’s nuclear umbrella. China can’t be too pleased about having amateur bomb makers on their border.

edit: an ally wouldn’t be gassing china bound airline passengers to death with world recognized WMDs.


This is not the first North Koran musical performance to feature a nuclear apocalypse.


I get this weird feeling like they don’t like us very much.


There’s a lot of tallent in that country.


I’m sure once he wipes the USA off the map life for his people will improve 100%.

“Hail glorious leader! We finally have enough food to eat and fuel for the cold winter, and all it took was instantly killing millions of people halfway around the world!”


I was disappointed this wasn’t done with marionettes as a rap battle against Team America.


The world should take serious efforts to prevent North Korean threat. They continously challenge peace and harmony in the region. But unfortunately, there is no unity among neighboring countries on how to handly Kim.

We can’t afford another war, which may finish the enire world.


I expected Tom Cruise to come out and get a big medal.

This is how a 12-year-old boy would run a country if he was put in power with no constitutional restraints. A warning sign for the U.S. given our arrested-development president.*


The audience and the current leader Kim Jong Un appeared to love it.

The audience appears to love what they’re told to appear to love.


Is that kind of our excuse too?


Wow. It’s like Bond (the band) discovered Robert Palmer music videos.

And now dear rest of the world you can go be smug somewhere else. I’m constantly tired of ‘oooh america look how stupid and fat and lazy and selfish you are.’ The joke is old, dead, got dug up, beaten with a dead horse, buried, dug up again, and now you’re poking it with a stick.

China puts up with them because to actually go in and fix them would basically be like rolling into that hellhole crackhouse apartment complex you know people are suffering in but you can ‘live’ with it because theyr’e between you and someone else… because to roll in would basically be a giant hole you flush money down.

Basically china can’t be assed to be humanitarians, or care. The rest of the world, even if China would conveniently look the other way, can’t be assed to care because you’d have to build a country up from nothing and that’s ALSO a money sink even if the EU, Russia, the US, and a coalition of latin american nations all pitched in. People ‘care’ but don’t have the money they’re willing to part with to fix the matter even if all political issues went away.

Is it bad I’d pay money to watch that?

Yea sorry wrong crazy train. You want the FailBoat festivities.

I have the idea that your average twelve year old might actually do better given they possess empathy (to a degree.)


Then stop bombing places at random, please. If you are bored for being reminded of this, then imagine how boring it must be for everyone else. I don’t know where you got ‘fat, lazy, and selfish.’


Then make that what you mean re bombing, rather than generic smug statement that makes it look like you have your head up your ass to smell your own farts.

For the record I agree that we need to dial back on the millitary interventions. We have enough problems at home and that millitary money can go a long way to fixing that. Yapping on and on and ON at the same generic ‘look how much BETTER than you stupid americans I am’ statement helps… Nobody.


I think Vanessa Mae might have been an influence.