Kim Jong-un's ex-lover shot to death, while North Korean pop groups watched


Yeah… this is according to a Chinese source. The North Korean regime may be crazy, but this seems a bit over the top for even them. According to the report some of the band members were found carrying Bibles? Really? Coming soon as talking points from a conservative religious organization asking for your money.


Authorities worldwide are hoping that this so-called ‘Pyongyang Style’ does not become a viral hit among pop-culture-crazed youth…


I agree that Chinese sources aren’t necessarily reliable, but if I was going to label something as OTT, don’t know that their nuclear brinkmanship escapades are more sane then this. Also agree it’s weird that they linked Bibles and sex tapes, things that don’t always travel in the same circles.

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Sorry to be a fuddy-duddy, but…ugh. Consider yourself finger-wagged.


I agree that it’s an arguably tasteless joke; but where’s the line between ‘close enough to be salient’ and ‘distant enough or outrage-fatigued enough that emulating pious concern is its own slightly ghoulish exercise’?

It’s well known, has been for years, that North Korea is a grim place, and their prison camps worse, with lots of procedurally questionable punishment and death. The world has mostly looked on and made vaguely concerned noises. Do I pretend that ‘North Korea does something dreadful, again’ actually stirs concern at this stage? Do I remain silent? Is it ever acceptable to joke about bad things that you cannot change?

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Do the leaders of N.Korea suck? Yes, totally. But this sounds like propaganda.


Like Sadam Hussain and Osama Bin Laddin, the link is “disliked by the regime.” It’s the logic of “I hate them both so they MUST be in cahoots.”

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It’s the execution by mortar that gets me. Wow…

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Dafuq. The thing with skepticism is that without some sort of reasoning behind it, it’s merely opinion.

The Chinese and NK dissidents are usually the only sources for everything on NK because only they have the first-hand, non-scripted experience of the place.

But this sounds like propaganda.

Whose propaganda? The Chinese are NK’s allies and South Korea, while they hate NK, wouldn’t just run bullshit for the purposes of propaganda. If they just wanted to sully the name of NK then why not make up something more believable? Also, if we never see or hear about this woman again then that’s a pretty good clue it’s real. She was a famous nationally-recognised pop singer.

Regarding the bibles, it’s not that unusual. Considering the strange charge of making pr0n there’s a good chance both that and the bibles is just a trumped up charge in order to kill this woman who Lil’ Kim’s wife might have beef with. The other option is that, like Soviet Russia, the ban on religion might mean that the forbidden fruit is tempting and accessible, especially for “creative” types such as musicians. Thought-crime is cool ya’know?


Let’s all enjoy Hyon’s rousing Excellent Horse-Like Lady:


They can be as crazy as they want because they have nuclear weapons.

If true… WTFFFS!?

My Korean is a bit rusty. Does this mention, “Where are you going, with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?”

Kim Jong Un is a tinpot tyrant. Nobody debates that. So were his pa and grand-pa before him.

In the old days, the US and the Soviets used countries as buffer zones, bumpers to grind into poor meal to prevent getting in direct conflict.

Then the Soviet Union fell apart and the buffer countries all lined up to join the EU and that freed up the RFS (Russian Federation of States,) to get down to business, and create a few billionaires.

They no longer need those buffer states anymore.

This report came from China, China people.

What does this bode for “Best Korea”?

Maybe China feels it no longer needs buffer states anymore either? (Their major trading partner is their old enemy.)

The reunification may be coming, but not in the way that the Kim dynasty thought it would and not in the direction that the Kim dynasty thought it would.

Think about it, if you were a rich country, like China is becoming, wouldn’t you be more at ease with a prosperous southern neighbor than a really poor one.

The best part is that wealthier South Korea would get stuck with the tab for the reunification. (And believe me, that’s going to be one Hell of a tab.)

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Whoever made this video should be put up against a wall and…

Oh. Never mind.


yeah South Korea doesn’t want reunification with Best Korea. But I think that’s short sighted. South Korea is lacking in a very key strategic component that unification would help boost in the long term future: Land. North Korea is small by superpower standards, but it is still enough to double the land mass for a single capitalistic Korean nation to develop. Not only this but the direct connection of China would make trade really attractive in both directions.
A unification would appear extremely costly for public resources in the South to absorb the load of an additional Northern population, but it’s not unreasonable to think that the North could quickly bounce into self-reliance once agriculture and industry was kickstarted.
A unified Korea makes a lot of sense - now or anytime. The way the two Koreas were cleft apart was unnatural and not in any of the populace’s interests. Today, reunification feels odd because there’s been a forced alienation that’s about to jump generation. Tomorrow, there may be nobody alive that directly knows someone on the other side. Today, you can have two people who remember each other be reunited.

I’m sure that Un’s apologist, ‘Fetchit’ Rodman, will look at this as “cool as hell.”

North Korea’s biggest export is sad news. :frowning:

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