North Korean men must now all wear Kim Jong Un's "Chinese smuggler" haircut




This was corrected by the BBC, the new rule only applies to university students.


Batshit as fuck.


What if you are bald? Wouldn’t be much left.




On the bright side, speeds up the barber waiting lines. Thanks great leader!


I say we all get one, who’s with me!


My receding hairline does not agree with your proposal.


Can somebody just go shoot this guy in the face already?



How many Westerners can speak or read Korean? Because I am deeply skeptical of the ‘batshit insane’ narrative around North Korea.


Are you volunteering?

Your denunciation has been prepared


This documentary has wiped the smirk about the more droll aspects of the NK regime right off my face for a while:


Death to the demon, Andrew Price!

I’m not skeptical about North Korea’s reputation, but I am agnostic. I have no knowledge about the actual conditions within North Korea and realise that the media narrative probably appeals to some racist, “Yellow Peril” part of the Western Psyche; but I’m not going to travel all that way to find out :smile:


It’d be impressive if the 1.7 million Korean Americans were all in on the con.


We don’t want that to be the new style for everybody.


I don’t think he’ll apologize to Dick Cheney.


’ based on the fact longer hair “consumes a great deal of nutrition"’

If that’s true, why does my body insist on having a beer gut?


I’ve come to the conclusion that hair must be incredibly boring stuff, from a biological point of view. Every single surprising, noteworthy, slightly interesting or even merely unremarkable so-called ‘fact’ about hair growth seems to be bullshit.

I think we need to get two groups of people in the same room, armed with sharp hairdressing scissors, and let them fight it out:

  1. Those who believe merely having already-grown hair still attached to your head consumes resources so cutting it off will conserve them.
  2. Those who believe hair follicles know when the end of the non-living protein strand attached to them has been cut off, and so cutting it encourages hair growth.


Beer only grows you a mullet.