Official haircuts of North Korea


Dear Dennis Rodman,

The universe just handed you a lay-up.

Don’t brick it.


freedom-loving people everywhere


I hope the Mullet is on the list. It brought democracy to East Germany.


I’m afraid that expropriating the labor of my follicles alienates me from some of my most profoundly personal means of production, man.


Man-gods are naturally exempt.

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I thought that was the Müllet.


Oh, well played :smiley:

Bah. My buzz-cut marks me out as a capitalist lickspittle.
(tho if I let it grow out, I guess it’s a #8…)

In the defence of our backward socialist planet sharing counterparts, this ensures a low probability of hair parasites (provided proper sanitation) in the general populous as well provide continued employment of the nations hair dressers. Two birds, one stone policy.

The elderly men of N.K. are luckier and allowed too grow 3 inches long head hair, over the 2 inch maximum of head hair for younger men.

Edit: I always have hair length under #5 razor, #3-1 for the brush cut but you know hat head and ‘back pattern baldness’ > needs it IMO. K tks

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Not when women are allowed longer hairstyles.


IronicallyUnsurprisingly, Kim’s own haircut is not on the official list.

There, fixed that for you.

David Guttenfelder, a photographer working for the AP in Asia, says: “In the past, we’ve read some misinformation that there are strict policies on what type of hairstyles are allowed in North Korea. These examples are just example choices and customers can ask for something different if they like. We’ve noticed a lot of changes in styles recently, especially shorter hair made popular by the leader Kim Jong Un’s wife and others.

Sorry, forgot the [snark][/snark] on last comment.

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