Kim Jong-Un laughing at vegetables


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“Don’t those orphans wish they had you vegetables? Ha ha ha!”


Despotism, meet Surrealism.


His entourage is interesting mostly pretty-old officers, really skinny, with giant military caps.


I’m pretty sure he just let a huge smelly fart in the fifth photo.


FTFY :wink:


Kim has put on the “freshman 15” 3 or 4 times…


The enormous hats on NK senior military always remind me of this.


Ha ha! Is funny! Children orphaned by my dad wish they had this food! I am obese while everyone else is thin! Too much funny!


Fucker must be a hoot, he´s got those battle hardened generals giggling like schoolgirls.


Simple explanation: They must have hired a stock photo photographer…
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I think that would be hilarious too, “you made a salad with avocado!? Oh You!


I was thinking that these salads must have all been made with North Korean vegetables…


One thing worse than yet another “Hey look, weird Asians!” post is yet another Konglish comment. I mean, really, does he even speak English? Or is that supposed to be a translation of his Korean (which, just doesn’t make sense, since he surely speaks unspoken Korean)?


These officers around him look pretty old and haggard. Also, why do they all have to be taking notes at all times?


And don’t get me started on how people talk when they’re mocking Hitler. I mean, my God, won’t anyone think of the feelings of those poor genocidal maniacs?!


They’d better laugh, or they’re going to end up in the corn field.


The the Great Leader or Dear Leader or Brilliant General are out giving on-the-spot direction to a production brigade they might slip some jewel of wisdom which will get incorporated into the next year’s suite of party mottos.

Seriously! The Great Leader invented contour planting, the germ theory or disease and gravity this way.


Or perhaps those are regular-size caps and the wearers are just stunted from generations of malnutrition.


Christ, what a juchebag…