Professional Kim Jong-un impersonator


I foresee a future for this man in where he is kidnapped to become one of the many anti-assassination doubles for the great leader…


Wow. If it wasn’t for the airfare I’d book him for the x-mas office party.

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I don’t know why but I’m not seeing the resemblance…Oh, wait I know what it is, this man actually has a seoul.


That’s what I was going to point out: he’d better be careful or he’ll find himself in NK with a new job.


That’s not what a young man wants to hear, “Hey, buddy, you look just like Kim Jong-un!”

Guy sounds like an Aussie.

Didn’t click on the video, is he, like, looking at things?

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I first read the headline as ‘Kim Jong unpersonator’.

The bit where he looked most like the Supreme Leader he was looking skyward at something.

I keep misparsing the title and wondering what an un-impersonator would do. Or maybe it’s a UN impersonator.

Oh good, I’m not alone!

He’s Kim Jong-deux!

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I think that most style manuals would have you capitalize the first letter after a hyphen when you are capitalizing. Which would make it Kim Jong-Un. Perhaps there is a special exception for Romanized Hangul.

:S … maybe it’s just me, but I can’t laugh. Have you actually ever been to Seoul? I don’t want to defend Kim, he’s just another evil, but he’s not the only one and not the only one deserving to be ridiculed, when it comes to what’s wrong with North Korea. If it hadn’t been for a certain other ridiculous soul-less nonsense blabbering politician, North and South Korea might as well be reunited already.

Yes, it’s just you.

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Bet he doesn’t have the same job perks.

Who? Howard or Bush or UberAlice?

I’d love to go to Seoul.
Pyongyang, now that’s quite another story. I guess I’ve filled my quota by visiting the GDR some 20 times.

I haven’t been to Seoul in ages. Must have changed a lot. Never visited the GDR, just passed through on my way to and from the Western allied forces’ sectors. Now I live in Berlin’s former Soviet sector very close to where the wall was back then. You should come and see how much it has changed. Why have you been visiting the GDR?