Watch North Korea's film on Kim Jong Un's Singapore trip with Trump

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Man, I never thought I’d find another use for this old chestnut - but now I have to post it!

(Kim Jong Il’s favorite song was Come On Eileen)

I was going to watch the whole thing, then I noticed it was 40 minutes long.

Un needs to get more compelling propaganda. Like…


7:07 The greeting at Changi was funny. Asian guy on Kim’s right kept trying to shake his hand, and left disappointed.

18:37 not sure why they drove past all those cranes at the harbor

22:51 I wonder how they timed that greeting in front of the flags, with Trump and Kim making that long walk? The walk makes a dogleg right before the flags so presumably there is a timing point right there.

26:05 by branding this as the Singapore Summit, the hosts seem to be building a role for themselves, as a kind of safe, neutralist meeting place. Not a bad idea, too.

30:49 Looks like chopsticks and western implements on both sides. Can’t make out the food but it doesn’t look like Trump’s style. There are two (2) McDonalds restaurants on Sentosa alone.

39:32 And a nice flare at the end. Back in misty Korea.


Ouch! And by ouch I mean, I assume that guy was tortured and killed after this.

'scuse me while I leave this here…

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Wow, never thought I’d see this…

Actually all involved did a good job all around in pulling this off. Singapore was well chosen (and fun fact, since chewing gum is banned , no risk of any embarrassing shit-I-just-stepped-in-gum moments !

  • when Kim was leaving Pyongyang airport, the 2 guys at the end of the red carpet seemed to break protocol and wanted to tell him funny stories

  • classic gag moment when Trump extended his hand to the General who’s thinking shit, I’m supposed to salute first, what do I do, stick to protocol, do a quick salute and make it down in time to shake, oh shit too late now he’s salutimg while I’m shaking … :joy:.

  • soundtrack: Love is Blue still rockin it in the world of state video post production

  • as for the narrator, imagine talking like that for 45 minutes straight?

Anyway, not a bad watch at all, and tThat’s this was shown in N Korea is encouraging…

I don’t believe he was trying for a handshake. He looks to be one of Kim’s handlers and is introducing each person in the lineup. The “attempt at a hand shake” is just a gesture to the person in line. Though, I could be wrong.


I think it’s Ri Chun-hee, who’s had literally decades of practice reading the news in a way that takes advantage of her performing arts training.


How come Kim didn’t fly to Singapore on a North Korean -built jet airplane? Or a Chinese jet airliner? Well, it was Air China, China his only buddy in the world (oh wait, now he has an American buddy too).

Does the American leadership even know that the Korean Conflict is still ongoing? Hell, if there was a less-spineless American leader in the White House, she would be meeting up with the Koreans to sign an end to that conflict. This is all just pageantry.

Neither one of those leaders, neither the orange one nor the roly-poly one, deserve their positions. Both got to where they are because they had rich and mean daddies. Both of them can kiss my arse.

North Korea is on the great circle route between the US and Beijing, but airliners on that route have to fly around NK, because it doesn’t have an en-route air traffic control system. Aircraft originating in NK could file a flight plan manually, but an NK flight information region (FIR) would still have to transmit that flight plan to an adjacent FIR, and apart going to and from China I doubt they have the capability do that.

So flights to and from NK have to go through China first, and Singapore would see it as a China originating flight plan regardless.

And then you have issues with avionics on the NK aircraft. To fly in airspace approaching Singapore, aircraft may have to comply with the requirements of RVSM, which means they can be more closely separated if they support modern instrumentation. They won’t have that instrumentation so the airspace is going to be a mess for a while.

I think the Chinese gave NK a pat on the head and said let us organize it for you and that was just fine with the Singaporeans. Makes it easy for everybody.


Isn’t there a highlight reel?

At the 4 minute mark, I wonder how many of those guys are secretly wishing the plane crashes on takeoff?



Why do Americans seem to think that the DPRK is nothing but mud huts?

Yes, it’s an impoverished and nasty autocracy, but the country is not a giant concentration camp.


Pyongyang is not typical of North Korea. Parts of it can look as glitzy as Singapore but nothing else in the country can.

L’amour est bleu is a well-known “foreign song” in North Korea. It probably conveys to North Korean audiences just the right amount of cosmopolitan sophistication for Kim’s arrival at his luxury hotel. You can hear it at the end of this medley.



However, the DPRK does have television. And newspapers. Both of which would regularly feature images of Pyongyang looking at its best.

The idea that ordinary North Koreans don’t know what a city looks like is patronising nonsense.


True, but for most of its history the North Korean regime has tried to keep the people in the dark about how poor they are and how rich other countries (especially South Korea) are. Having access to a car is a big status symbol, and owning your own car is like owning a private plane.

Because of American propaganda, which works both ways.


Yeah, it’s a tightly controlled and impoverished autocracy. It wasn’t a wealthy place to begin with, and having your country bombed flat and a fifth of your population slaughtered isn’t good for economic development.

OTOH, I’ve seen it claimed that North Koreans “don’t know what Africa is”…which seems unlikely, as they screened the 2010 South African World Cup match on KCTV. I’ve seen it claimed that North Koreans “don’t know what love is”…which is just batshit racist dehumanising nonsense.

And, related to that, I have seen more than one white American seriously argue that nuking North Korea is justified “because death would be a merciful liberation”.

Yes, North Korea is a nasty totalitarian state, with all that implies. But some of the warmongering craziness about the place is dangerously out of hand.