This is the "movie trailer" that Trump played for Kim Jong-Un


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Since Trump thinks reality is a TV show, this doesn’t surprise me. But you’d think they could do better than a crappy corporate commercial recycled from the mid-90’s.


can you imagine if Obama had made a trailer for Cuba or any of this nonsense?

even the left would have lost its ever loving mind

and wtf is with Dennis Rodman literally “pal-ing around” with a communist dictator and getting a free pass from the press and nearly everybody else? there’s no way he doesn’t know about the near concentration-camp status of the rest of the country and the countless executions, including Kim’s family


The press as an institution only cares about ratings. Whatever integrity individual journalists may have dies on the editor’s desk if it in any way conflicts with making money and raising capital.


“Hold on just a minute while I thoroughly insult your intelligence…
There, did that do it?”
Christ, what an asshole!


It could have been fun/not fun if they played the wrong trailer.


Maybe they made this to try to get the summary page of the PDB on Trump’s radar. Maybe it’s the only way he can be reached. The fact that he liked it enough to show it to Lil’ Kim could have been just a happy accident.


it’s a real-estate marketing pitch. soon, Trump will get the ok to start building Trump hotels in North Korea.


Someone did their homework. Kim loves movies. Though… I dunno. This just seems odd.


I think that also, to an extent, his voters think so too.


I think that’s what this is all about. There was a mention about it.

North Korea’s beaches could represent a new business opportunity, according to Mr Trump


Considering that Obama wasn’t actually left wing, that wouldn’t be surprising.


These two idiots are made for each other. Once they get in the same room, I think Trump will realize that, if he hasn’t already. Oh man, we’re going to be in the next Axis of Evil, aren’t we. Ugh, I hope people remember those of us who resisted. Suddenly I feel a need to brush up on home-gown resistance to the Nazis, and Japanese and Italian Fascists…


Someone did their homework. Kim loves movies.

Yeah? I thought that was his dad, who fancied himself a great film director and so on.



I uh… what?

I guess, I mean, if it works…


jeez, right? ugh. that an getting a Nobel prize. trump seems motivated by two or three things: money, undoing everything Obama did, and getting a Nobel because Obama did.




It feels so appropriate for both this administration and this summit. An artifice that’s empty, meaningless, superficial and results in nothing.

Honestly though, given this administration, would you really expect they “could do better”? About anything?


This looks like one of Steve Bannon’s goofy and twisted ‘historical’ films. It’s got a bit of his philosophy in there.


OH wait, I think you’re right… though didn’t he inherit a massive Laser Disc collection? I bet he likes movies too.