This is the "movie trailer" that Trump played for Kim Jong-Un


3:35 “Will he shake THE HAND OF PEACE?

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I’m surprised the Church of Scientology was willing to free up their video editor to work on this.


Kim Jong Il was a film love and he used cinema to build up North Korea’s prestige, hoping to make films that the world would recognise as masterpieces.

Sport rather than cinema serves that purpose for Kim Jong Un – he has built a new ski resort and used the Winter Olympics as an opportunity for reaching out to South Korea.


Methinks this yuge beautiful tower would appeal to Trump.


I would do the same given the opportunity. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” He can’t do any harm and if he is able to find a chink in the armor and make progress towards peace then he deserves a Nobel too.


Best typo evar! :joy:


This. So much. I came here to post this.

Completely ignoring the narration, the shot of god rays breaking through the clouds and the crappy CGI flare shot of the sun coming from behind a spinning earth are straight out of Scientology propaganda. There must be some stock footage DVD floating around, like that foley CD with the police radio and squeaky gate sound.


The images of development and prosperity are like…North Korean propaganda. And the happy dancing Koreans. And the opening shot of Mount Paekdu.


I’m so glad that wasn’t a parody. It makes the thing 100x funnier.


Yup! He even wrote a pretty good book on film criticism. I don’t agree that promoting the Juche should be the primary goal of all cultural works, of course, but I thought he did make some good points on the importance of the director having a clear moral vision.

(He also wrote one on opera, I believe, but I’ve never known enough about the subject to bother reading it.)


I don’t see it. Does North Korea have enough rich people that want to stay at a Trump hotel?


This is insane. Who is the fucking copy editor on this? Four minutes of utterly repetitive garbage. These people can’t even do propaganda right… It’s about the level of a pitch video for time-shares in south florida… Leni Riefenstahl must be rolling in her grave.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the trumpsters can’t seem do do anything right.


Maybe the White House gave the job to Trump’s favourite real estate pitch video producer.


First thing I thought of was this:


The model here could be Cuba which does a healthy trade in supplying resorts for Western tourists that the locals can neither afford, nor are allowed to enter. Now imagine Trump brand resorts along the North Korean coast catering to Chinese tourists who are just a few hours away by charter airline. Built by slave labour, staffed by slaves, tacky as fuck and making a mint for the Grifter in Chief and his new best buddy in Pyongyang.


How long before the porn remix?


i kind of view it as rich people ELSEWHERE in the world who want to say they stayed at trump’s tacky shanty in north korea.


Rename it “Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove” and suddenly it all makes sense; it’s a heartfelt, hopeful gay romance, opportunities to be grasped, a once-in-a-lifetime chance for love across borders, set to a backdrop of international tension.

Well, the middle was. The beginning and end were “Do what we want boy, or we kill everyone.” Bit unbalanced. I blame the shitty production values.



You hit the nail on the head. I’m sure it’s deliberate.