This is the "movie trailer" that Trump played for Kim Jong-Un


…and manage to do so without drawing unwanted attention to said hand?


And casinos, because gambling is banned in China (except for Hong Kong and Macau).


I’m pretty sure this is an iMovie template.


I imagine his ghost writer made them. Didn’t he “write” an incredible amount of books?


Investment opportunities for foreigners I’d imagine.


The Hand of Justice™ is tremendous in size, not small. Far bigger than average. In fact, some of the best people say it is impressively large. Must be the good genes.


They’ve got a concrete hulk just waiting for him to hang his name on.

OK. So I wasn’t the fist to think of this…


Sure, totally. That’s the only footage you can get out of North Korea that won’t insult them, right? But the two shots in particular that I mentioned (clouds with god rays was part of some crossfade montage/collage mess, I think - I don’t have the patience to rewatch it) are exact images I swear I’ve seen in a Scientology or maybe a Jehovah’s Witness video. If I could be bothered, I’d bet $100 I could go find exactly that footage on or something like that. It’s not like the White House has an in-house CGI guy. And the narration is straight out of a Scientology video, but I do not mean to imply for a moment that they can’t rip off more than one source of propaganda at a time.

Good picks, BTW. I love that the happy shots of identical tract homes (on pretty desolate, shitty looking land) are obviously architectural renderings.


Sorry did not read all of the comments…

Did anyone with the knowledge of Korean language compare the US and Korean versions and sopt any differences?

I’d be surprised if there are any significant ones, but, IMHO, it is the subtle ones that matter most.


Insightful thought. Probably just rosier in NK dialect. Gotta imagine the language and idioms have shifted to be subtly flattering for dear leader, no matter what you’re saying, unless they use “praise the Kims” like punctuation or something, and our translation slyly left that out. Hard to imagine the Trump white house would suck up so brazenly in English and deliberately include some subtle digs in the version they showed to his face, but I’d be interested to see some native speaker’s blog post or whatever exploring this question.


I’d be curious to hear if the only Korean text shown, which is shown at least twice, translates as “What if?” Would the WH be so brazen as to include a graphic with an “All praise Chairman Kim!” text and an inert, spurious translation? Given the fact that they didn’t bother to clear the use of the the name Destiny Pictures, I’d put nothing past these clowns.


Your tax dollars at work!!!


But he doesn’t build hotels though does he? He licenses his name to stuff that other people build.
In Jakarta he walks away with $ 3,7 mill which sounds like a lot of money, but when the budget is $1 billion his stake is only 0.037 % of the total budget. He’s not one of the big boys and girls, even the interior decorator is likely to make more from this project.


gfish14h milliefink
Yup! He even wrote a pretty good book on film criticism. I don’t agree that promoting the Juche should be the primary goal of all cultural works, of course, but I thought he did make some good points on the importance of the director having a clear moral vision.
(He also wrote one on opera, I believe, but I’ve never known enough about the subject to bother reading it.)

It was during this time that Comrade Kim Jong Il took up golf, played a single round that ended 38 strokes under par, and retired from golf forever.


One of moving forward! With bananas! At Machu Picchu!


hmm, good point. he also “makes” his money by stiffing his contractors.









I would not be surprised if this turned out to be the work of those masterminds (/s, obs) at /r/The_Donald.


I don’t know about you, but the crappy corporate commercials I’ve seen don’t contain threats of nuclear holocaust in the event of non-compliance.


4 minutes of Let Them Eat Cake.