This is the "movie trailer" that Trump played for Kim Jong-Un


Believe it or not, it was produced by the current National Security Council staff.이것이%20현실이%20될%20것인가%3F

“Will this be a reality?”



What, may i ask, is that?


Staffing it would be cheap.


Aren’t there any trump tacky shanties in any countries that won’t arrest you and throw you into a prison camp (Otto Warmbier)?


i wouldn’t know.


Well, here’s a “good” website, in case you ever want to stay at a Trump Hotel!


That was the longest four hour… oh, shit, minutes of my life. The Capt. Kirk stilted speech was just. too. much.

Interestingly, stilted speech is not uncommon among actual psychopaths, and I can’t imagine who weighed heaviest on the creation of this… thing.


I am beginning to get the impression that Kim is not a particularly bright spark. The US side may have recognized this and decided to lay it on thick. Convince Kim he could be the next Abraham Lincoln. They might be right too.


Hmmm with China taking more control in those places, a casino in North Korea could do quite well.


What is the grand prize in the NK State Lottery, Alex?


it’s not uncommon among humans. As a ‘sign’ of psychopathy, not real predictive.

Gaslighting and other forms of reality hacking and invalidation of others are far more useful indicators.


Smart people aren’t dangerous. Clever people are.


Taken by itself stilted speech can mean any number of things. Given this context and what we know about Trump, I was insinuating that he was heavily involved in the video’s creation, particularly the script, because it matches his meandering bullshit and modes of speech pretty well.

Trump fits quite a lot of diagnostic criteria.


Sure, but a refusal to validate others can mean only one thing.


I don’t know what you’re trying to imply.


But you DO know I am trying that?

Fascinating. Do go on about other peoples pathological behaviors and THEIR projections.


Okay dude, I’m far from the first person to make this observation, people in the field have even broken tradition and made the same observation–I’m not treading any new territory. I believe Psychology Today labeled him an “unconstrained present hedonist” adding that he will do and say virtually anything in the moment in order to feed his ego and soothe his inherent low self esteem.

Accuse me of projecting all you want. This isn’t the first time you’ve come at me with some dumb shit in defense of either Trump or Russia, and just like those other times, I’m led to seriously doubt both your sincerity and credibility. I don’t have the patience for your contrarian, pedantic, word-trickster nonsense today, so just keep it to yourself. Thanks.


And you think i was implying something that disagreed with your opinion then?

Please, your apparent need for someone to be disagreeing with you is and will never be my fitting appointment to wear those dirty rags you’re handing out.

I’ll just state again, without implication, that stilted speech is not a useful indicator that you’re dealing with a pathtology. Table turning, invalidation, and gaslighting, are.

If you insist I am talking about you when I say that, I will believe you, but not agree that I was doing that as far as I know.


Okay so since this is all a big misunderstanding, here it is laid out plainly:

A: Trump is a narcissistic psychopath based on the entirety of his behavior spanning from long before he ever ran for president. I am far from the only person to draw this conclusion, and if you want to read more about it, research it yourself.

B: Trump speaks in a grandiose and stilted manner.

C: The same kind of grandiose and stilted speech that Trump uses is found throughout the entire video.

D: Therefore, Trump was likely heavily involved in the script and direction of the short as it bears so much similarity to his patterns of speech.

It has nothing to do with you agreeing with me or not, and everything to do with the fact that from where I sit you are apparently trying to provoke some kind of reaction out of me for referring to Trump indirectly by mentioning stilted speech–a characteristic that is associated with a lot of things, but in Trump’s case is likely the result of some manner of narcissistic psychopathy. At no point did I say stilted speech = psychopathy. It can be caused by a lot of things, but in Trump’s case, it’s probably just caused by the one thing.

I don’t know or care if you agree with my analysis of him, his pathology, or the nature of the video itself, nor do I wish to continue arguing about nothing. We’re done here.